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7th Psycho Coffee (Grind)

Psycho Couples Starter Bundle Plus - Double the Joy for R850

Elevate your coffee ritual with the Psycho Couples Starter Bundle Plus, a testament to shared tastes and unforgettable experiences. This bundle isn't just an offer; it's a celebration of companionship and collective strength, all for R820 with the added delight of free delivery.

What’s in the Bundle:

  • One 1kg bag of our formidable 7th Psychopath Coffee, a treasure trove of boldness waiting to be unveiled cup by cup.
  • Two 7th Psycho Branded Coffee Mugs, the latest in full-color glory, designed to be clinked in unison by those who savor the dawn and relish the dusk.

Coffee Uniting Souls: Take a plunge into the world of the extraordinary with our 7th Psychopath Coffee, the blend that's revered for being the zenith of strength and taste. This is where the spirit of the world's strongest coffee meets the harmony of two hearts—it’s a shared journey through each rich, dark, and velvety sip.

Sip Together, Stay Together: With the Psycho Couples Starter Bundle Plus, you're not just sharing a bag of coffee; you're embarking on a daily adventure. The mugs you'll hold are not mere vessels; they're the chalices of your daily bonding, the keepers of warmth, conversation, and shared secrets.

The Psycho Bond: Seize this chance to forge an even deeper connection over the world’s most intense coffee. Let the mornings greet you with the promise of vigor, and the evenings offer a toast to your unity.

In Essence: The Psycho Couples Starter Bundle Plus is for the duo that thrives on excitement and lives for the richness of shared experiences. It's a blend of passion, a touch of adventure, and a whole lot of psycho love, all wrapped up in one exclusive package.

Claim your bundle, toast to the bond, and delight in the journey, together.

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