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Psycho Couples Starter Bundle

Psycho Couples Starter Bundle

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7th Psycho Coffee (Grind)

Psycho Couples Starter Bundle - Share the Intensity for R720

Embark on a shared voyage into the realm of extreme caffeination with the Psycho Couples Starter Bundle. This curated selection is designed for pairs who dare to dive into the depth of the world's strongest coffee together. For R720, this is more than a deal—it's the beginning of a coffee-fueled partnership.

Bundle Components:

  • Two 250g bags of our unmatched 7th Psychopath Coffee, each sip infused with the power to ignite the senses and the spirit.
  • Two 7th Psycho Branded Coffee Mugs, the latest full-color edition, perfect for toasting to your mutual love of rich, robust coffee.

The Coffee Experience: Savor the unparalleled taste that has been meticulously crafted over three years—coffee that stands proud as the strongest on earth without compromising on flavor. Indulge in a taste profile that is both bold and intricate, with bittersweet richness, low acidity, and notes of dark chocolate and pecan nuts, all underscored by a tantalizing peaty aroma.

Shared Moments, Unforgettable Memories: The Psycho Couples Starter Bundle is more than coffee and mugs—it's an invitation to create moments of connection over cups of coffee that awaken and inspire. It’s for the couple that faces the world with energy and passion, who finds comfort in the morning’s first brew and solace in the evening’s last cup.

The Psycho Pact: With this bundle, you're not just starting your day; you're starting an adventure. A pact between you, your partner, and the untamed spirit of 7th Psychopath Coffee. Together, revel in the luxury of coffee that's as strong and complex as your bond.

In Summary: The Psycho Couples Starter Bundle is your ticket to a shared journey through the world of intense flavor and awakening. It's a commitment to the extraordinary, a celebration of togetherness, and a testament to the power of great coffee.

Claim your bundle, and let the journey begin.

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