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3kg Coffee Bundle: The Triumphant Trio

Seize the ultimate coffee collection with our 3kg Bundle, a treasure trove for those who live life with unparalleled vigor. For only R1650, not only do you secure your stockpile of the world's most potent brew, but we also bestow upon you the gift of free delivery.

This bundle isn't just a deal; it's a manifesto of coffee supremacy, containing 3 x 1kg bags of 7th Psychopath Coffee, the undisputed titan of taste and strength. Revel in the luxury of having Mankind's strongest coffee, a force of nature that's equally matched by its exquisite taste, making it not only the most potent but also the finest tasting coffee on the planet.

Taste Profile: Embark on a flavor odyssey with each cup, a full-bodied journey marked by bittersweet robustness, a gentle touch of acidity, and an opulent tapestry of dark chocolate pecan nuts. The peaty aroma lingers with elusive whispers of lime, crafting a profile so complex it could only be the work of a passionate psychopath.

We forgo the fluff and filler, paying homage to the psychopath within each of us with simplicity and sincerity. Our coffee is unapologetically fierce, a herald of transformation that will redefine your perception of strength.

No Nonsense, Just Bad@ss Brew: Pure, potent, and free of artificial additives, 7th Psychopath Coffee is for those who dare to unleash their inner superhuman. With caffeine levels surging over 24000mg/kg, brace yourself for an awakening like no other.

The Warning: With great power comes great responsibility. Handle this bundle with the respect it demands, indulging at a recommended dose of one cup per day. It's not for the faint-hearted, the young, or the restless. It's for the bold, the brave, the true psychopaths of caffeine.

The Conclusion: This is the end of mediocrity and the beginning of greatness. Brought to you by a legion of South African caffeine devotees, this bundle is your passage to coffee nirvana.

PS: Embrace the psycho, respect the power, and join us in the legacy of 7th Psychopath Coffee – where every bean is a story, every blend a legend.

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