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Psycho Starter Bundle

Psycho Starter Bundle

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Psycho Starter Bundle - Ignite Your Psychopath

Welcome to the beginning of an epic journey with the Psycho Starter Bundle, curated for those ready to embark on the path of coffee enlightenment. At just R550, this bundle is your gateway to the thrilling world of the strongest and most audacious coffee on the market.

Bundle Contents:

  • Two 250g bags of 7th Psychopath Coffee, each packed with the power to fuel your most daring days and wildest nights.
  • One 7th Psycho Branded Coffee Mug, the latest edition, donning full-color to make a bold statement with every sip.

The Awakening: Each bag of coffee is a promise of awakening—the kind that pulsates through your veins and ignites your spirit. This is coffee that stands tall as a titan of taste and intensity, meticulously crafted for those who don't just wake up but wake with a purpose.

Sip in Style: Your new 7th Psycho Branded Coffee Mug isn’t just a mug; it's a declaration of your commitment to excellence in every aspect of life. Whether it's the first cup of the day or a well-deserved break, this mug is your constant companion, reminding you that you're part of the psycho elite.

The Perfect Beginning: The Psycho Starter Bundle is more than a product; it's the start of a relationship with a community that understands the value of quality and the power of an extraordinary coffee experience.

Embrace the Journey: For R550, step into a world where coffee is the catalyst for greatness. Seize your Psycho Starter Bundle and begin a voyage that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the extraordinary in every cup.

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