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Coffee is everything to us. We drink, breathe and sometimes sleep coffee.

7th Psychopath coffee is fast becoming one of the most loved and trusted names on the coffee market.

This has been achieved through our unrivalled consistent high standard of quality coffee and customer service.

We supply to restaurants, coffee shops, select retail stores, hotels and various businesses across South Africa, however our selection process is quite specific as we aim to keep our high brand standards in check.

Our wholesale terms are normally, a minimum of R3500-00 per order and a standard shipping rate of R200-00, however due to the lockdown and the impact it has had on all our clients, we have temporarily reduced the minimum order to R2000-00 per order, and we have also managed to negotiate a temporary reduced shipping rate of R120-00 on our bulk shipments, anywhere in South Africa.

Your order is processed online immediately so it’s a quick and hassle-free process, and you can choose to pay either by credit card or direct eft.

Please note that we do not allow any retailers to sell online.

To register as a retailer, please follow these steps.

1 - Click this link : Create Wholesale Account

2 - Fill out all details and select a password with a minimum of 5 characters.

3 - Notify us that you have registered, by sending an e mail to:

Please include the following:

- Contact Details.

- Company details.

- Pictures of your store, including your coffee making equipment.

4 - Once we have recieved all the information we will activate your account, if your application is successful.

5 - On your first order, when filling out all your delivery details, please select the block at the bottom of the page that says: “Save this information for next time”.

6 - Please remember to select the R120 wholesale delivery fee option at checkout.

7 - From there you can place your orders seamlessly going forward.

Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any more questions:

082 494 0825

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