We are 7th Psychopath.

Let's extinguish all the claims of the world’s strongest coffee.

We have been tested and certified as Mankind's strongest coffee on the planet.

It also doesn’t help having Mankind's strongest coffee without having Mankind's best tasting coffee, and we lay claim to both.

Where else would you find people crazy enough to spend 3 years tasting and testing every conceivable roast options to create not only the strongest coffee on the planet, but also the greatest tasting coffee on the planet?....

You guessed it good old South Africa, yes we are a bunch of South African caffeine psychopaths.

So, expect all-nighters, over productivity and the feeling of being super human, expect to fall in love with our coffee.

With the superior flavor and off the chart’s intensely potent energy kick, we will have you going all day and all night, depending on what you prefer.

7th Psychopath Coffee ® is premium artisan roasted and specialty crafted with the highest quality, and carefully selected combination of coffee beans.

7th Psychopath Coffee ® is made by souls who have a pure psychopathic passion and addiction to caffeine, made for all of the caffeine addicts that also have a psychopathic addiction to caffeine.