Grind Guideline

To simplify your purchase here is a breakdown of how to choose the right grind option.

  • Whole Bean - This is used in a bean to cup machine.
  • Plunger Ground - This is used in a plunger or otherwise known as a french press.
  • Filter Ground - This is to be used in a filter machine otherwise known as a percolator .
  • Espresso ground - This is used in a Moka stove pot, or you can use it in a home manual espresso machine similar to what you find in coffee shops.
  • You can also select, Whole bean if you have a grinder and you can grind for options listed above, although we do recommend that you order the grind specific to your application as we grind our beans very maliciously, and all our 250g bags come with zipper seals so your coffee will stay fresher for longer.