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We have spent over 3 years perfecting not only the insane strength of our coffee but also the taste, what good would it be if we have Mankind's strongest coffee without having Mankind's best tasting coffee.  We are  the strongest coffee on the planet, and the greatest tasting coffee on the planet!


Taste Profile:

A rich full bodied coffee that's bittersweet, with a low acidity, loads of dark chocolate pecan nuts, and a peaty aroma, with almost untraceable hints of lime.

We could bore you with a whole long story about bla bla and bs, but the psychopath in us, honors the psychopath in you, and we keep the rest simple.
Our coffee is Bad@ss and Sh*t is about to get real. The souls who make it have a pure psychopathic passion and addiction to caffeine.
No artificial cr@p and other nonsense in our coffee!
Drinking our coffee will make you feel super human.
The End!
Caffeine Levels 0ver 24000mg/kg.
PS : Made by  a bunch of South African caffeine psychopaths.
This product contains high levels of caffeine, over 24000mg/kg.Consume responsibly, recommended dosage - 1 cup per day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women or people sensitive to caffeine or with any medical conditions whatsoever.




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